Clinker International Company was established in the city of Riyadh as one of the business pioneers in Saudi Arabia, with a series of comprehensive product range designed to serve all of the premium companies, such as ready-mixed concrete companies, block factories, construction companies, and contractors who want to give confidence to their buildings; that in a short period of time in trading, marketing and transportation of cement , we have gained a leading position in the Saudi market, and we won a lot of customers as a result of our continuous efforts to maintain the supply of high-quality materials and delivery in a timely manner. The company owns the largest fleet of trucks manufactured by the best global companies which is also responsive to the requirements of safety. The company also has its own maintenance workshops that are designed and equipped with modern machines to implement the maintenance operations for the light vehicles and trucks, the workshops are divided into several sections, including engine maintenance, body maintenance, and other sections.

From the beginning, our philosophy is based on exceptional service, and to provide high quality products, and we're proud that we passed the expectations of our customers and our employees.

Our vision stems from our deep understanding of the importance of achieving "excellence" in everything we do so that the company is very appreciated with all stakeholders through the quality of performance in terms of products and services and working conditions.

  • Superiority.
  • Teamwork.
  • Respect.
  • Integrity.

Benefit and achieve sustainable growth for the company's clients, owners, employees, and the community; through a commitment to provide the necessary support and continuity of improving the quality of our products and services. - For our customers: to achieve the highest levels of quality of the product and services, and to ensure the customer satisfaction in all areas of our work. - For our suppliers: to remain their preferred client through respect conventions and sustainability to work with them productively. - For our partners: to have the superior returns via the continuous growth and expansion of the company. - For our employees: to work always to enrich their lives and support their potential to professional and personal level.

We have hired the most talented and experienced professionals to provide the best services to our customers more efficiently. Our qualified staff takes care of our customers special material requirements and they provide it through the best suppliers to the required locations on time without any delay. We are working on the selection of high-quality cement types of products supplied to our discerning customers. Our sales team fully understands your needs and requirements of the products, where they work to provide and deliver what you need directly to your locations, which reduces the cost and time for you.

Our commitment to the environment and the economy made us one of the most suppliers of cement recognition and praise we have succeeded in preserving the environment and creating a workplace effective and appropriate to create ideas for the development of the company and customer satisfaction.